The safety and well being of our community members is very important to us. 

Verifying your identity increases your trust within the Boatigo community as it shows users that you are who you say you are.  It is a small one off $10 payment and once your ID has been verified, the verification badge will be displayed on your profile and listings.  

ID Verification Badge

Don't worry, your identification documents are not visible to anyone on the Boatigo site and are securely processed using ShuftiPro's verification technology (

Note:  You will be required to upload or take a picture of your identification document and a selfie for "liveness" verification so make sure you are on a device that can do this such as a mobile phone or computer with webcam.

To verify your identity, ensure that your first and last name of your profile match the identity document you will be using.  To check this, log in and click on "Profile Settings".  If you need to make any changes do so and then click "Save Changes".

Navigate to the "Identity" section of your profile "Account Settings > Identity"

Click "Pay Now" to securely make the one off payment.

Once the payment has been successfully made you will be taken back to the identity page.

Click "Verify identity" to be taken to Shufti Pro's verification page.

Next, you will be asked to accept ShuftiPro's consent to process your data.

Your identification document will be verified first.  Have the document ready and click "Start Verification".

The verification can be done with any of the documents shown on the screen. Select one.

Choose the country where your ID was issued.

Choose on how you want to submit your Identity proof. (Via Webcam or uploading from your device)

ShuftiPro will now analyse your document and selfie.  If the verification passes you will be shown a success message.

If there is an issue, ShuftiPro will give you a reason as to why the verification failed.  Take note of this reason and re-attempt the verification ensuring that you address this problem. Click "Try Again".

Once your payment and verification are complete, your profile will display the ID Badge.

Should you have any issues verifying your profile please contact Boatigo support at