Your profile picture is an important part of your Boatigo account.  It allows other users to see you and can be an important determining factor in if they book your boat or let you book a set on their boat. 

Having a profile picture gives your account has many benefits such as:

  • adding a personal touch
  • making Skippers feel more comfortable to book you their vessel
  • making Crew feel more comfortable to book a vessel
  • allowing both parties to know who they are looking for on the day of the trip.  This can save valuable time at the jetty or boat ramp!

Make sure:

  • Your profile picture is clear and clearly shows you in it.  Don't have a picture that has you and a lot of other people if you can help it.  Community members should able to easily tell who you are by looking at your profile picture.

If you require assistance to edit a larger photo so that you can only see yourself we are happy to help.  Just open a support ticket or email us at with a copy of your picture.