You can view your listings by clicking "Menu > Your Listings":

If you have any listings they will be shown on the page like so:

Editing Listings

There are two ways you can edit your listing.

Firstly, you can click "Edit listing" underneath your listing picture (See below).

Alternatively, you can click on the listing photo to view the entire listing.  This will take you to the listing page.  Click on "Edit listing" in the top right hand section of the listing:

You will then be shown a list of all pages the listing has.  Select the correct tab (see number 1 below) you wish to edit.  Edit any details you wish (see number 2 below) and once you have finished editing that page scroll down and click the "Save" button (see number 3 below).  

Your listing will be saved.

If you make a mistake.  Simply click "Cancel"

Closing Listings

Closing a listing means it will no longer be active on the site for users to book.  If you wish to close the listing, go to the page showing all of your listings as described at the top of this article.  From here you can click on the listing menu and select "Close listing":