Tips for your listing

The listing that you create on Boatigo is how people will find and request seats on your vessel.  

Make sure you:

  • Display high quality images of your vessel that clearly show it to guests. 
  • Keep your availability calendar up to date.  Remember that you can only get bookings when you list seats as available
  • Use your availability settings to control when seats are available and how many seats you have on each trip
  • Write detailed instructions in your listing so that it's easy for people to find where you are launching your boat.  If you have tips about parking or other helpful hints be sure to include them
  • Write boat rules to clearly outline any do's and don'ts that apply to guests coming with you on your trip

Tips for getting your vessel ready

Get to know your Crew before the day of your trip.  You can use Boatigo's secure inbuilt messaging system to communicate.  

Make sure you:

  • Present your vessel in a clean and tidy manner
  • If possible, consider having some small (but appreciated) amenity items such as bottled water, snacks and towels