Sharing your vessel and passion with strangers can feel like a leap of faith

Here are some ways you can ensure your Skippers experience, and your Crew's trip, goes as smooth as possible.

1. Set clear expectations

Your listing should let potential Crew know about the features and amenities your vessel has to offer.  Take the time to describe your vessel - remember that even the smallest details might make the difference.

If there are specific rules for your trip, such as no smoking, make this very clear to Crew.

2. Read the profiles and reviews

You should want to know more about your Crew before accepting their request.  Check out their profile and read reviews from past Skippers to find out more about them.  Skippers and Crew can only review each other after a trip is complete, so you know the feedback is based on actual experiences.

3. Get to know your Crew before the trip

Our secure messaging tool gives you the ability to get to know your Crew and answer or ask any questions before the trip.  It is also a great way to coordinate things such as trip start location or hints on parking etc.

4. Safety first

While it is a condition of listing a vessel on Boatigo that you meet ALL safety requirements for the waters are conducting the trip in, we recommend that you keep your Crew and your safety a priority.  Here are a few things you can do to make them feel more comfortable about safety:

  • Have life jackets on board for all people and take the time to show guests where these are located
  • Have a first aid kit on board
  • If you have other safety devices such as flares, EPIRB and radios, take the time to inform them about these - it will help them feel more comfortable that you have their safety as a priority

We have produced a helpful article that may assist you in ensuring you comply with your safety requirements.  You can access this here.

5. We're here to help

If you have an issue with your trip, our team is available to assist you.  Simply contact us at