Safety is of the utmost importance with any boating trip.  Boatigo encourages Skippers and Crew to practice a high level of safety for each and every trip that is undertaken.  While it is a condition of Boatigo that any vessel listed on the site must meet all safety regulations for the areas that it will be used, we have published a list of safety precautions that will help make your trip safe.

While it is the Skipper's responsibility to ensure the vessel meets safety regulations, we have prepared an article here that may assist you in determining the safety requirements for your local waters.

Mechanically sound:

Ensure your vessel is seaworthy and mechanically sound.  This not only makes for a more pleasant trip experience but reduces the likelihood of malfunctions.

Life jackets

Your vessel should have a life jacket that is in working order for every person that will be on the vessel.

First aid kit

You should have a first aid kit that is stocked and in date on your vessel.


You should have a working radio that allows you to communicate with help and rescue services.

Safety flares

Safety flares are an excellent way to draw attention to your vessel in case of emergency.

EPIRB distress beacon

A GPS equipped distress beacon can mean all the difference in a life- threatening situation.