The description section is one of the most important sections of your listing.  It tells Crew all about your vessel.

The Description section of your listing shows the following information:

Boat name (required)

Give your vessel a name (if it doesn't already have one)

Describe your boat (required)

Give people as much helpful information about your vessel as possible such as the year, make and model.  Other helpful information could be any features or points of interest that make your vessel stand out and help Crew in making their decision to book your boat.

It pays to be as descriptive as possible and paint a great picture of your vessel.

Compliance check box (required)

This confirms that you acknowledge that your vessel meets the safety regulations and requirements applicable for the area(s) it will be operated in. 

We have compiled an article with quick links for the safety requirements in different locations for easy access here.

Once you have completed the Description page and click the "Next: About" or "Save description" button.