The About section tells guests about the trip.  If you use your vessel for multiple trip types (for example one "Fishing Only" as well as "Recreational boating only") we recommend you create two listings - one for each type of trip.

What is the Trip Duration?

Let guests know how long you intend the trip to go for - half day, full day or overnight.

Trip Type

This will let people know what type of trip to expect - "Fishing only", "Recreational boating only" or "Recreational boating + fishing"

Where will you be boating?

Let guests know what body of water the trip will take place on.

Tell people more about your trip

Get creative and let people know what you are planning on doing for the trip.  The more information you can give people the better!

You should specify important information such as:

  • The time of day the trip will commence
  • What activities they can partake in (swimming, snorkelling ,fishing, water skiing etc)
  • Any items Crew can bring with them to make their trip more enjoyable such as food, drinks, music

When you have completed this section click the "Next: Amenities" or "Save about" button.