The Location section of your listing tells Crew where they will be meeting you for your trip to get on board your vessel.  It is also the location that your vessel will show up on the Boatigo search map.


Start typing the address of where you will be starting the trip.  

  • You can try street addresses such as "1 Riverside Drive, Perth"
  • Alternatively you can try searching for a location such as "East Street Jetty..."

The Boatigo system will attempt to automatically find the location you are searching for.

If you are having trouble finding your location, please contact Boatigo Support at

Apartment, suite, building or jetty name

This optional field allows you to put in any additional information that might assist Crew in finding your launch location.  

Try listing helpful information such as:

  • Building name or number
  • Jetty or wharf name

Other locations

Some Captains are happy for Crew to join the trip at other locations along the way.  

Use this field to list any other locations that Crew can join you such as:

  • a jetty
  • a wharf
  • a beach

Once you have finished completing the section click the "Next: Contribution" or "Save location" button.