The contribution section is where you tell Crew the contribution needed, per Crew, to come on your trip.  This can be any value you wish and if you are simply looking for Crew to join you and don't want any contribution, you can make it $0.

Remember that Boatigo is designed for Skippers to get a contribution towards the running costs of their vessel for the trip - not to make a commercial profit.  To ensure that you remain in the recreational boating category, have think about what the cost for you to get your boat out on the water for the trip is and then what amount of this each Crew member will contribute.

Some of the costs that you may incur to get your boat out could be:

  • Fuel
  • Maintenance
  • Registration
  • Insurance
  • Equipment on board

To calculate your running cost for the trip you could use a simple example such as the following:

Yearly maintenance costs: $2000

Yearly registration: $550

Yearly insurance: $800

Total: $3350 per year

Number of trips per year:  25

Cost per trip:  $3350 (total annual costs) / 25 (number of trips per year) = $134

Fuel for the trip: $150

Total cost for the trip: $134 + $150 = $284

Now as long as my contributions don't exceed the cost per trip amount, the trip will remain recreational.  

Simply set the contribution currency on the drop down option and input your contribution amount per Crew per day. Then click the  "Save contribution" button.