The Boatigo community is build on trust and part of that is helping other users get a good picture of exactly who you are.  Letting people know your boating and fishing experience is essential in this process and helps Skippers know what level Crew they can expect on trips.

Note:  If you cannot see any Fishing or Boating experience listed, send the Skipper or Crew member a message and ask them to update their profile.

For information on messaging Crew that have requested to book view this article.

For information on messaging Skippers view this article.

Add / Update Your Experience

Log and click on "Profile Settings"

Select the appropriate Fishing and Boating experience and then click "Save changes".

How to View a User's Fishing and Boating Experience

As Crew

Find the boat you are wishing to check the Skipper of and click to view the listing.  Next, click on the Skipper's name next to "Hosted by".

Then click "View Profile"

You will then see their profile where at the top is their Fishing and Boating experience.

As Skippers

Skippers can view Fishing and Boating experience prior to accepting a booking.  Go to "Inbox > Hosting" and click on the booking request.

Click on the Crew member's profile picture to view their profile.

You can now see the Crew's profile where their Fishing and Boating experience will be listed.