Firstly - that's fantastic!

You can easily have someone join you on the day day in three easy steps:

  1.   Make your vessel available
  2.   Have the Crew member book the seat
  3.   Confirm the booking

Make Your Vessel Available

Log into Boatigo and and click "Menu > Your Listings".

Find your listing and click "Manage availability".

Select the number of seats needed in the drop down for the date and then select "Save availability".

Your vessel is now available.

Have The Crew Member Book The Seat

Next, have the Crew member login to their Boatigo account.  If they aren't a member have them join (it only takes 5 minutes).  Have them search the suburb that the trip is starting in to find your boat.  

Click on your listing and have them select today's date for the start and end date (if your trip is only for the one day), the number of seats and then click "Request to book".

Confirm Booking

The final step is for you to confirm the booking.  Log into Boatigo and click on "Inbox > Hosting".

Click on the pending trip.

Click "Accept" and you are all done!