Skipper and Crew reviews are a big part of what keeps the Boatigo community honest.  It allows community members to leave a star rating and comment after a trip has been completed.

Once your trip has been completed (usually 24 - 48 hours after the day) you will receive an email asking you to leave a review.  The easiest way to leave a review is to click on the email link and it will take you to Boatigo to write your review.

NOTE: The ability to write a review will expire after 3 days of receiving the email

Should the link not work, you can leave your review for your Skipper in the following way.

1.  Log into Boatigo and click on "Inbox > Requests" to show the trips you hosted.  Next, click on the trip you wish to review (it should show as a status of "Delivered").

2.  Scroll down the messages and click on "Leave a review for..."

3.  Click on the stars you wish to give as your rating, write a review for the Skipper and then click the "Publish review" button.

Be honest, fair and write a real review that will help others in the Boatigo community make an informed decision about the Skipper.